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Best Collections of Gaming Wifi Names for Gamers

Hello Guys today We are here for Gamers who love to play games and want to set their wifi SSID names by game names. Here is the best collections of Gaming Wifi names for your router. Now a days maximum peoples are interested to play games on their computers or mobile phones. Kids and Teens are usually love to play games day and night. They are also passionate for gaming. That's why we have decided to write an article about some funny wifi names belongs to Games. So just look below to Choose your favourite Gaming wifi name for your Wifi router.

Best Collections of Gaming Wifi Names for Gamers: 

funny wifi names

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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green

Super Mario 64

The Sims



Final Fantasy VII

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Half-Life 2



Wifi Halo 2

Chrono Trigger

GoldenEye 007

World of Warcraft


Super Metroid

Metal Gear Solid

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Sid Meier’s Civilization

Need for Speed

Donkey Kong Country


Wii Sports

Sonic the HedgeHog

The Sims

Diablo III

Super Smash Brothers

The Legend of Zelda

Metal Gear Solid

Final Fantasy

Angry Birds





LANnister house

Wi-Fi is coming

Wi-Fi of the North


Wi-Fi beyond the wall


Islands of Wi-Fi

Dragon’s Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi of the Thrones

Ping’s Landing

LANnister always pays for Wi-Fi

Internet of my life

My Wi-Fi and Router

Wi-Fi is a wind my friend

Your computer will turn to ashes

A lion doesn’t ask for password

I demand password by combat

Wi-Fi King

Wi-Fi Throne needs password

Wi-Fi of Ice and Fire

Daenerys LAN

A Dance with Wi-Fi

A Storm of passwords

Ping in the north

Hide Yo Kids Hide yo Wi-Fi

Get off my WLAN

Password cannot unlock this Wi-Fi

The things I do for Wi-Fi

Connect to Wi-Fi

connect or disconnect

Internet is not for free

Connect them all

Wi-Fi isn’t a pit. Wi-Fi is a ladder

The Promised LAN

John Snow Knows something

The Pingslayer

Stark of Winternet

Browsing Strong

The Sites’ watch

All Men must Wi-Fi


Wi-fire and Blood

Seven Kingdoms connect here


We don't load

That’s what I do. 

I connect and surf

I know password

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